Question: How can Delray Hyundai, a Florida dealership, sell a Hyundai HPP extended warranty for my Hyundai?

Answer: This site is administered by Delray Hyundai a South Florida Hyundai dealership who has been offering extended warranties through Hyundai Motor America since 1990.
  You are buying HPP thru a dealer ...which is the typical way it is offered. As we process the HPP contract, it's entered into Hyundai's internal dealer system and tied, via the VIN#, to your Hyundai.
                              Therefore it is honored by all Hyundai dealers.  

In 2007, our Warranty Depart. took it's 17 years of experience to the Web. You'll appreciate our hard work, as we've streamlined the extended contract process.  1-561-265-0000
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